Application area/function:

The most commonly used air vent head for ships. Made for installation outside on-deck. Ventilating all tanks on board for cargo, ballast water, wastewater, fresh water, lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc. Prevents water from entering the tanks.


  • Flame-/bug-/rat- sceen
  • Heating/winterization
  • With mud chamber. Prevents mud from entering the valve (See Mud Chamber)
  • Connection alternatives: Flanged, threaded or with weld butt
  • Coating
  • Other materials: Hot dip galvanized steel, stainless etc.
  • For pressure drop and ow rate, visit our web page
  • HIDE valves are approved by all the most common classification societies

Performance, weight and size:
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Mud Chamber


Mud chamber for installation with an air vent head. Commonly used for ventilating liquid mud tanks on offshore supply vessels.

If mud enters the Mud chamber due to overpressure or over lling, a one-way ap valve will open and release the mud and the pressure. This is how the mud chamber prevents mud from entering the air vent head. Can be delivered with several types of air vent heads valves.

Weight and size:
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