HIDE quality pays off!

Did you know that the unique HIDE winterization solution appears as the
most economical in the market?

HIDE quality pays off!

Did you know that the unique HIDE winterization solution appears as the most economical in the market?
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HIDE – The New Generation G-valves Patent No.: 10-1642210

Why you should select HIDE? What if the ship is listing heavily, with valves in the water zone or even under water and the valves fail? For instance by the float being stuck, damaged or simply gone. Then the valves will take in water! In the worst-case scenario, the pumps could be out of order, due to electrical failure or black-out, or the machinist has evacuated. Then, the situation may rapidly become serious for the ship. The valve’s reliability is of the highest importance, for safety at sea!

What if the valve is slightly too narrow or tight for the air-flow stream? Suction blocking occurs. With a blocked valve, suction forces will create tension in the tank – which might cause a breakdown in the tank’s bulkhead structure. The opposite may also occur: High pressure-drop due to overfilling will force the tank to break down outwardly. Therefore, correct sizing could prevent tank break down!

HIDE quality pays off!

Did you know that the unique HIDE winterization solution appears as the most economical in the market? The 80% savings during installation pays for the entire shipset. In addition, 80% fuel and NOX savings also pays for the entire shipset one more time after only one year in operation.

This position the HIDE quality valves as the most economical and green air vent check valves in the market.

The unique savings are due to a self-regulating heating element, that is optimally located, spending only the necessary power to ensure function. The solution requires 95% less cables, 95% less MCB, and 45kw less generator effect for a shipset of 80 valves.

Unique advantages of HIDE Patent No.: 10-1642210

John Gjerde believe in continuous innovation to improve the safety for the crew, their vessels and for the environment. John Gjerde have solid in-house competence using our own testing facilities for studying the safety aspects of ships.

The unique advantages of the HIDE valve are:

  1. The guiding pin *, which makes it work perfectly even under tilted conditions,
  2. The unique disc-float formed for optimal air flow with integrated lip seal gasket.
    1. Makes it robust against damages from overfilling.
    2. Makes it work with a very low noise level.
    3. Make a very high tightness in dipping situations.
    4. This disc and pin concept protects the closing function, and makes the HIDE to the most reliable in the market.
  3. The HIDE valve is also small, and not wider than the flange.
  4. The flow area inside is bigger than it has to be according to the regulations. This decreases the risk for “suction blocking” and structure break down.
  5. The flame screen has a robust construction and is re-enforced to prevent break down due to water overfill or debris in the water. The screen is also large to minimize pressure drop.
  6. The shield protects the closing mechanism against dirt from the air and spray painting
  7. The heating (winterization) solution (option)
  8. Sea water resistant aluminium, to prevent corrosion. Also delivered in steel, or other materials.
  9. Fulfills the important requirements in P3.2.5, P3.2.3 and P3,2,7 fully out
  10. Approved by all major classification societies:



Heating / Winterization Patent No.: 10-1642210

The heating (winterization) solution is made to ensure the guarding function in icing conditions down to -50 degrees.

  • Self-limiting PTC heating system to ensure enough heat and to minimize power consumption by 80%.
    Turns on at < +5 deg C
  • 80% reduced installation cost, 95% less cables and 95% less MCB /sw board.
  • 80% less power consumption. Reduced by 45kw (80 valves)
  • Arctic operations -50 Celsius
  • IECEx approved
  • ATEX approved
  • All HIDE valves are prepared for installation afterward. No need for further certification.

HIDE – Options:

  • Flame net
  • Heating/winterization
  • With mud chamber. Prohibit the mud to enter the valve (See Mud Chamber).
  • Connection alternatives: Flanged, threaded or with weld butt
  • Coating
  • Vent through superstructure (see Hide 2)
  • Closing device for dry cargo (see Hide 3)
  • Vent through superstructure, self drained (see Hide 6)
  • Other materials: Hot dip galvanized steel, stainless etc.