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About John Gjerde

About John Gjerde

John Gjerde is an innovative provider of equipment made to ensure reliable and safe operation of all kind of floating constructions. Our Mission is to provide solutions that guarding the ship, crew, passengers, cargo and environment.

The head office are located in the heart of the innovative maritime cluster of Norway, close to ship owners, crew, ship designers and shipbuilders. We have built up own test facilities for simulating full-scale operation with performance testing and documentation.

With 45 years of experience in this market, we have developed a complete new range of “Air Vent Check Valves”, with the name HIDE. HIDE has many unique and patented properties and represent the most optimized and reliable valve in the market.

Latvia department for production and sales

Latvia department for production and sales

Sia Saldus Welding was established in 2000, and was up and running by 2002. Fabrication of standard tank vent check valves Aero 1, and Mud 1, is taking place at our factory in Latvia.

The company is a welding/mounting facillity. ISO 9001 is being established here at the moment to fullfill the class societies rigorous demands with respect to manufacturing of type approved equipment.

Sales is still handled through the mother company, but manufacturing, final testing and shipping is done directly from Latvia to Europe and the US. This way shipping costs and also delivery times are kept at a very low levels, for the benefit of all our customers worldwide.

Production department

JG Produksjon is a daughter company of John Gjerde As. The company with its highly skilled workforce is doing the major part of the testing work and prototype building for the mother company.

Furthermore it is a steel fabrication facillity that offers services to the local industry, as well as being a subsupplier to amongst other companies, local shipyard. The company has as its field of expertise, work in stainless steel.

In addition to this the company has some products of its own. It manufactures strainers to replace casted strainers in applications were a higher pressure class is required and water traps for ballast/stabillity tanks.