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Predicts new market boost in interview with NRK

He lives close to Stadtlandet and knows what it’s like to be in rough weather. – Our current situation will turn, we just need to keep going. I think that the next market boost will be even better than the one we expected in 2008, he says.

In the small community that recides in Gjerdsvika, Roger has a direct view into the harsh conditions of Stadthavet. In these hard conditions, and with just under 400 inhabitants he has built his company providing special air check valves for the maritime industry. Roger is confident that he makes the best valves in the industry.

– They work exactly as your mouth when you swim. You close it when you dive into the water, and you open it when you reach the surface for more air, he says.

The knowledge about making air check valves for ships that repeatedly get water on deck is built up through 45 years of experience, and the storm of the current market does not scare him.

– I said it in 2008, that it will be an amazing ride when the market turns. The predictions in 2008 quickly became reality, and next time, it will be even better.

Read the full interview with Roger here. The interview is in norwegian.